o Aralia elata (Japanese Angelica Tree)

Artemisia abrotanum (Lad’s Love)

* Aucuba japonica “Rozannie”

* Aucuba japonica “Salicifolia”

*+ Buxus sempervirens (Box)

o Calycanthus floridus (Carolina Allspice)

o* Camellia japonica

* Choisya ternata (Mexican Orange Blossom)

ox Cornus kousa

x Cotinus coggygria (Smoke Bush)

x Cotinus Flame

* Danae racemosa (Alexandrine Laurel)

+* Daphne laureola (Spurge Laurel)

x Euonymus europaeus Red Cascade

x Euonymus x alatus Compacta

* x Fatshedera lizei

* Fatsia japonica

Ficus carica (Fig)

x Hamamellis mollis Pallida

x Hamamellis x intermedia Diane

* Ilex pernyi

* Ligustrum japonicum

* Ligustrum japonicum “Rotundifolium”

Lonicera pileata

* Mahonia japonica

* Osmanthus heterophyllus

o Paeonia delavayi

* Phillyrea angustifolia

* Phillyrea latifolia

* Pittosporum tenuifolium “Arundel Green”

x Prunus incisa

ox Rhododendron (deciduous azalaeas)

o Rubus odoratus

Salix magnifica

* Sarcoccoca confusa

o Sinocalycanthus chinensis

* Trachycarpus fortunei (Chusan Palm)

* Viburnum davidii

* Vinca minor alba (Periwinkle)


* = Evergreen

+ = Native to Britain

o = Beautiful flowers

x = Good autumn colour

Aralia elata (Japanese Angelica Tree)


Copyright 2010-2014 Graham Cousins


Artemisia abrotanum (Lad's Love). Filigree foliage with a strange, but to me at any rate, very pleasing smell. Orchards

Hamamellis (Witch Hazel) Famous for its winter flowers in yellow and bronze shades. But what about the leaves! In some varieties the autumn colour is splendid too. Orchards

Fatsia japonica. Bold evergreen leaves. Grows well in deep shade. Orchards

Ligustrum japonicum "Rotundifolium". Slow growing

Paeonia delavayi. Deep maroon flowers with a mass of goldenstamens plus, perhaps, the most elegant foliage of any peony. Orchards

Phillyrea latifolia. An excellent, rather slow growing Mediterranean evergreen.

Pittosporum tenuifolium. You might be forgiven for assuming that this shrub only comes with garish leaves. Not so. There ia a good green called "Arundel Green" which incidently, came through the 2009/10 winter unscathed. Orchards

Sinocalycanthus chinensis. Lovely in leaf, lovely in flower. Orchards