Plant Lists

Here are listed a selection of plants which seem to me to have good green leaves. As well as leaf colour, remember that texture, shape and size are always significant contributors to the overall effect. Limiting the choice to green foliage, if thoughtfully done, will not diminish a garden. Quite to the contrary (as I have frequently argued!) the atmosphere of a green leaf garden is, at once, both tranquil and refreshing in its impact.These lists are a personal choice, influenced by my experience of gardening in the east midlands. Your comments on these lists, and suggestions for additions, would be most welcome. A final point: always check for growing conditions, plant size, hardiness in the RHS Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants before planting.

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There is no doubt that too much contrast of form.....can be unrestful, especially

 when a lot of bright coloured included.

 In fact one is beginning to see this superabundance overdone


Graham Stuart Thomas  1976