My aim, in this website, is to put the case for a kind of garden which is a place of greenery, a place populated by natural, normal, simple but beautiful flowers, a place of light and shade, a place that celebrates the passage of the seasons, a place that evokes or perhaps echoes natural landscapes, a place of restraint.


This is evidently an” alternative” type of garden, since the great majority of gardeners, and indeed the public in general, would prefer to have non- stop “colour” in their gardens and do everything they can to achieve this ideal, no matter how far it removes their gardens from natural forms and normal patterns of growth.


So my kind of garden is a long way from the accepted norm.


I am, however, optimistic enough to hope that, if some one takes the trouble to remind gardeners that green is a colour, that green leaves are not boring or second best-indeed, that, en masse, can invest a garden with a unique mood -then perhaps a few may take notice and, adventurously, try making a green leaf garden. It is this hope that has persuaded me to compile my website.


I have tried to put my ideas into practice in my own garden. The garden is certainly green in the literal sense of the word , and it seeks to encapsulate nature’s works without ever pretending to be anything but a garden.


Sometimes I think ,well for an hour or two anyway, that, at least in some parts of the garden, I might have got it right. The hunt for perfection is endless and, of course, unachievable. But then I suppose every gardener would say that, wouldn' t they?


The garden can be visited on NGS days, 30th June and 3rd July, 2013 and sometimes also by appointment .Telephone 01455-556958


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"Take me outside, sit in the green garden"

Lyrics to Laura Mvula's song "Green Garden" 2013