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Phillyrea latifolia, Orchards

No white nor red was ever seen

 So amorous as this lovely green

 Annihilating all thats made

 To a green thought in a green shade


Andrew Marvell (1621 - 1678)   Thoughts in the Garden





The “We” referred to in the introduction to this website are Tony and Elsie Richmond and my wife Jenny. The four of us have walked many of the local woods together, followed by a visit to a pub for what Bertie Wooster would have called “a restorative”. I couldn’t have wished for better company. We are, incidentally, members of the Woodland Trust, an excellent source of information, locally and nationally.

Much of our garden visiting has been with Jill and Mike Maddock to whom thanks are due for their companionship and insights.

Our companions on wildflower hunting expeditions have been Steve & Ann Foster - he the map reading wizard, she the species identifier- the perfect combination.

I also owe much to Ruth Chivers, especially for the series of visits to gardens which she organised for a group of us, all ex students of Pershore College.

Among the many gardening friends whose help and advice I have valued, I should especially mention Grant & Audrey Pitches, Eve Hessey, Asako Nakano, Kenny Caldwell, Maureen Falkner and John Oakland and John’s late wife Pene – sadly missed.

The eminent gardening writer, Ursula Buchan, wrote about the excessive use of coloured leaves in gardens for The Telegraph and in the process reassured me that I was not alone in my distaste for gold, purple and variegated foliage.

My daughter–in-law, Chloe, suggested the idea of a website to me and she is the one who has made it possible by her expertise – thanks Chloe!

Finally, I would like to thank Jenny for her help and support in our garden. She is not, by any means a passionate gardener so her hard work in the garden is all the more appreciated by me. I could not manage without her – thanks love.