Light & Shade in the canopy leaves of the Katsura Tree (Orchards)

Why Green Leaves?


  • Green is the colour of the meadows, woods and hedgerows of our countryside so green leaves are in harmony with nature.  
  • Green leaf gardens are uniquely tranquil.
  • Green foliage is the best background for the myriad colours of flowers (is this because green lies at the calm centre of the colour spectrum?)
  • Only verdant gardens can give a full account of the passage of the seasons; the drama of autumn leaves after the green of summer. Green leaves do not conflict in the garden or compete with  autumn colour or spring tints.
  • When all the leaves are green ,a major benefit is that, not just colour, but leaf shape and texture, can also become a significant part of the garden picture.
  • Green foliage never clashes with the colours of houses, garden walls and fences, funiture etc etc.
  • Not only are green leaf gardens oasis of calm but also, because they are in harmony with nature, they can be (the best of them), as intensly moving as great music.  No coloured leaf garden can ever hope to achieve that.

Copyright 2010-2013 Graham Cousins